When I heard Warren speak for the first time, I recall his soft and gentle voice and how it touched me. I was moved and inspired by his wisdom as he shared his story with the audience. Having dealt with an undiagnosed chronic illness and physical disability for the majority of his childhood and teen years, Warren’s degenerative condition meant many hospital visits, muscle weakness, physical deformities and severe pain making him dependent on a wheelchair and cane. 

Warren is a great example of someone who did not let his limiting physicality deter him from living a life of purpose. His strength comes from within and he chooses to live each day in service to others.  He empowers people to live a life worth living and to transform the pain into purpose.

Growing up, Warren understood he could not do a lot of things the other kids could do and was also in and out of clinics spending a lot of time with doctors and receiving treatments.  Life was challenging beyond words at times, yet a strong foundation of spirituality, support and community evolved over time which led Warren to adapt and shift his mindset from victim to hero. 

Along the way, Warren met and worked with some incredible people who had an impact on his life.  He would later discover that these mentors had given him the tools necessary to become the powerhouse he is today … mentally, physically and emotionally strong.  The strength came from being pushed to his limits in all of these areas and although it was painful at the time, Warren has reaped the rewards.  

From those experiences, not only did Warren learn to separate and work with his pain instead of fighting it but his pain tolerance and mindset evolved. He realized that he had access to tools back then that have helped him become the man he is today and that his physical deformities were just that, a limiting belief. From Western to Eastern doctors to spiritual gurus, from wheelchair to crutches…  a hero was born once again.

Warren continues to experience high levels of daily adversity, pain and struggle and yet he continues to take on more than the average entrepreneur can handle with his positive “yes” minded attitude. He briefly shared with me that there was a recent moment in time when he felt as if he had actually reached his limits, standing in a busy hospital setting, with tears rolling down his face… he looked up to the heavens with such faith and certainty and just said: “Show me how. Give me that strength.” Warren is never one to blame but rather takes responsibility for his own challenges. He has learned to reach out, ask for help and allow others to help him. Whether help comes from a higher source, a friend, coach or family member, he embraces the support. Warren believes that our inner strength is always there waiting to be revealed  

He now coaches others on mindset, overcoming adversity, spirituality, and provides them with the tools to overcome obstacles expected or unexpected. Warren is also a 4x award winning inspirational public speaker, an eclectic based energy healer, and meditation artist. 

Warren shared this little nugget of wisdom “The strength and goodness we have inside of us is beyond our comprehension. There is a power within us that is so great, an energy force that is so pure, that when we tap into that higher power we will understand that it has always been within us as a guiding light.”

Warren is an example of leading a life of purpose over pain. 

To contact Warren, go to: www.walkwithwarren.com