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Magnus – The Angel who inspired Tubie2Go

I’m so inspired by this little guy and his Mom, Tiffany.  Thank you for sharing your story with the Facebook world at large. There is a lesson here for all of us. Embrace your life, regardless of the circumstances. Be strong. Be courageous. Make each moment count.   Your legacy will live on sweet boy [...]

Magnus – The Angel who inspired Tubie2Go2021-11-16T15:31:59-05:00

Why morning people are happier

Originally published on CNBC website June 13, 2021 by Vicki McKeever and Cory Steig. Photo credit @duangbj of Twenty20 Reset your alarm: Waking up just an hour earlier than usual could reduce your risk of depression by 23%, according to a study out of University of Colorado Boulder and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. And [...]

Why morning people are happier2021-06-29T11:06:25-05:00

Tidbits of Wisdom

Have you been feeling a little lost lately? A little unsure. The global pandemic has changed our lives drastically. When at one point we were an extremely social species, we now find ourselves at home missing those friendships, in-person conversations and chance interactions with people, while we are out and about. Courtney Stanley is a [...]

Tidbits of Wisdom2021-05-27T00:06:46-05:00

Breaking the Habit of Procrastination

Hours go by. Days go by. Weeks go by. Years go by. Procrastination is not laziness. It is a form of fear. Fear of failure, or the unknown.  Fear you don't know where to start Fear you'll look stupid.  Fear of disapproval if it's not perfect. Fear you lack mastery.  Fear of disappointing others. Fear [...]

Breaking the Habit of Procrastination2021-05-08T23:36:15-05:00

Youth Uprising – The Future of Camps

Written by Olivia Heenan and originally published in the Royal Register (Bishop Reding High School publication) in March of 2021 More than ever, youth need camp. “As a seasonal industry hit hard by COVID-19, more than one thousand camps (in Canada) are at risk of permanently closing their doors” says the Canadian Camp Association. Camp [...]

Youth Uprising – The Future of Camps2021-04-18T15:10:59-05:00

The Upside of Anger

Written by Marilyn Barefoot and originally published on LinkedIn April 5, 2021 Today I woke up angry!! Angry at the world for not trying harder to rid our planet of COVID 19 and all its variants. Angry at all the people who broke the rules over the long weekend and gathered to celebrate. Angry at [...]

The Upside of Anger2021-04-18T15:09:15-05:00

Yardsticks: Measures for Success and Happiness

Your alarm goes off and it is 6 am on the morning of your 45th birthday. You sneak downstairs, careful to not wake your spouse and children, hoping for a few moments of calm before the daily madness ensues. As you stand waiting for your liquid gold to brew, you quietly survey your kitchen, home [...]

Yardsticks: Measures for Success and Happiness2021-04-14T13:46:42-05:00