Have you been feeling a little lost lately? A little unsure. The global pandemic has changed our lives drastically. When at one point we were an extremely social species, we now find ourselves at home missing those friendships, in-person conversations and chance interactions with people, while we are out and about.

Courtney Stanley is a force to be reckoned. A professional speaker, emcee, coach, entrepreneur and friend, the tidbits of wisdom she shares always lift me up and give me renewed hope and optimism.

Here I share some of my favourites. Hope you enjoy.



When did you start to lose some of your confidence?

❌ Maybe it was the first time someone said that you are too loud or too opinionated?
❌ Maybe it was the first time you didn’t get invited to that party, office lunch, leadership retreat, or meeting you expected to be?
❌ Maybe it was the first time second place wasn’t good enough?
❌ Maybe it was the first time you got fired?

Losing your confidence and sense of worth doesn’t happen overnight. It happens over the course of your life. Imagine a world in which you did not doubt yourself? What would living your life feel like if you truly believed that you were enough, in any and all ways?

In order to rise from the ashes, you have to set your world on fire. Wash away unworthiness. Burn comparison. Rebuild confidence. Take back your power. Believe that you are more than enough – and that your dreams are yours to conquer.


There is a force called Resistance that lives inside each of us. Resistance is on a mission to hold you back from accomplishing your goals. Want to write a book? Find five million other things to do instead. Want to work out? Make excuses why today is not the day. Want to ask for a raise? Let fear tell you that you are not worth that amount.

That’s Resistance. It is an energy that serves one purpose, and one purpose only: to keep you from fulfilling your greatest potential. Acknowledge that it exists, and then fight like hell. The greater that feeling of resistance is, the greater the outcome will be if you meet the challenge.



I’m going to keep today’s message short and sweet, my friend.

Remember who you are. If it’s not serving you, let it go. Walk away.  

Whether it’s a relationship, job, obligation, friendship, or something else. If you don’t feel appreciated, seen, heard or valued, let it burn. You’re worth more. You deserve better. You are a blessing. An asset. A gift. Valuable. Phenomenal.

Put on some powerhouse music, dress up for yourself, surround yourself with people who want the best for you, and step into the version of YOU that you – and the world – deserves. Find your inner confidence and shine so brightly that you blind the things and people who don’t serve you.

Shine, sister. Shine.


So often, we pour our whole selves into the people around us and sacrifice our own needs to meet theirs. But sometimes we lose those people – our bosses, colleagues, family, partners or friends – and we find ourselves drained of energy because we invested everything that we had into serving others. Take a step back. Rediscover yourself. Fill your cup. Today is the perfect day to be the absolute best version of you, and that starts with investing in yourself. You deserve it.


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