SynerG Media is a collaborative and shared platform for news enthusiasts who are grounded in their purpose. We are committed to providing good news to create happiness, well-being, freedom, and peace among the human race.

Our “no compromise” attitude affords us the ability to stand alone, yet as one with the people and for the people.  We understand the wealth and power media holds in the lives of our audience and with that, we have your best interest at the forefront of every action we take, every story we share, and every piece of news we deliver.

SynerG Media was created to combat the growing epidemic of negative news; news that only educates us in fear and judgment keeping segregation, hate, and war alive. Our team understands the power and influence this has on people’s lives and mindsets. For that reason, we are taking action to create an opportunity to raise awareness, share knowledge, and seek alternatives to bring the human back into humanity.

We thank you in advance for visiting us, for reading, sharing, and getting involved. We are here for you; we request that you hold us to our promises, and support us by submitting news stories, spreading the word, and doing what your heart knows to do. (If today, each and every human being on this earth was generous and kind to one other person, the world would be healed in a day) If each and every human being led their lives putting kindness and generosity a priority, the world would be a better place and the human race would be healed in a short time.



SynerG Media represents a group of people who collectively unite to draw out the greatness in others. Human beings who see God and the Universe in everything and are continuously connected to the source.

Our intention is to be authentic, honest, loyal with everyone we encounter and operate with a knowing that a future free of hate, war, discrimination, and poverty is possible. Our organization is our people and we work together to embody the G values. The 7 laws we operate inside of and that lead our structures and the fulfillment of our word.


Generativity – A commitment to developing our future generation for
the good of humanity.

Guidance – To empower others through mentor hip and viewless leadership.

Generous – To be humble and kind by giving to others without the
expectation of anything in return.

Gratitude – To live, act and speak inside a state of thankfulness.

Genuine – To be honesty, trustworthy and authentic.

Growth– To never get comfortable with our personal development, always striving to reach a new limit and new goals.

Greatness – To be the ultimate version of ourselves for our life and the lives of others. To recognize and acknowledge how extraordinary we can be through the loving acts towards others.

You and our world deserve to live in a generous economy

that serves the well-being of humanity

Audrey Hlembizky/Synerg Media

Audrey Hlembizky


“We all deserve to live in a world that serves the well-being of humanity, I believe we will because our lives come alive when we give and giving is becoming the necessity of happiness.”

Pat Cluett

Editor in Chief

“Don’t let fear stand in the way of loving openly and honestly, put your heart fully into every moment, every relationship, and every embrace.   Work hard and treat others the way you wish to be treated and trust in your God to lead you where you need to be and let faith be your music and your guide.”

Audrey Hlembizky/Synerg Media

Fariha Shah

Assistant Editor and Lead Journalist

“We must keep the faith that God, the Divine, the Universe, has our backs, is on our side, and that regardless of whatever we take on, we will not, CANNOT fail; we either win or we learn.”

Audrey Hlembizky/Synerg Media
Audrey Hlembizky/Synerg Media

Fatima Gould

Director of Project Management

“I believe there is only one race, the HUMAN RACE. My sincere hope is that in my lifetime I witness a shift in humanity that kindness, faith, and love becomes the norm and not something we strive for.”

Nina Ganguli

Director of Marketing

“I am dedicated to see the world transform. To have the human race come together for the good of all people and to be connected by what truly matters.  It is an immense blessing to contribute to a creation that honours the beauty and miracles around the world.  There are heroes all around us that highlight the remarkable spirit of humanity.  With that, it is my honour to be on this journey to empower you to be part of something special so that the miracle of who you are is celebrated in your life.”

Simone Vitellaro

Director of Social Accountability

“It is time for us all to come together and bridge the gap between people and what has us believe we are different. Regardless of your race, religion, gender or beliefs, we are all human beings. The truth is we all live on this planet, breathing the same air, that keeps our hearts beating and the time has come for us to unite as ONE.”

Audrey Hlembizky/Synerg Media
Audrey Hlembizky/Synerg Media

Alanna Carr

Director of Client Experiences

“Inside this seemingly scary and divisive world we live in, I refuse to lose faith in the goodness of humanity.My wish is you see yourself as extraordinary, a hero and able to make a positive impact in your life, your community, country and our world!”

“What I believe unites the people of this nation, regardless of race or region or party, young or old, rich or poor, is the simple, profound belief in opportunity for all – the notion that if you work hard and take responsibility, you can get ahead.”

Barack Obama

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.”

John Lennon

“The willingness to show up changes us, it makes us a little braver each time.”

Brene Brown