Your birthright is to be Extraordinary. Ordinary is taught by society. 

When I attempted to fit in, I couldn’t. It soon became apparent to me that fitting in and being ordinary was not my soul’s calling and that my life is meant to be lived for something greater. 

My calling is to chase snowflakes, dance in the rain, slide in the mud, throw leaves in the fall,  be different, and above all, to live an extraordinary life. 

I did not speak for the first seven years of my life. Then one day I realized that I was meant to be different.  I am stubborn and strong minded and this gave my soul a reason to challenge the ordinary.  I have not shied away from justice and what is right. I have always believed in the power of being, doing everything you truly want to do. I can recall being eight years old and wanting a cookie. My aunts who were babysitting me said no. In that moment, I followed my desires, grabbed a stool, climbed up on the counter and got myself a cookie. Well, I ended up getting stuck up there because I was too afraid to climb down. However, that determination stayed with me. 

In pursuit of finding myself, I have always found a reason to be different and do things my way. I remember feeling so left out when my family would leave me out of ‘adult conversations’. I would experience a flood of emotions so strong both of anger and pain, and feel the blood rushing through my veins making my heart race. 

 I would like to right the wrongs in history. People would be burned at the stake for being different, particularly women. I try to imagine the pain and agony that they struggled with back then. Wanting us to conform to society’s beliefs and expectations. 

I believe that a life worth living is chasing your dreams and not conforming; pursuing fulfillment of completeness and wholeness; and helping myself while helping others do the same. 

Life is filled with skeptics and those who will make your doubt yourself. It is essential not to listen to them and avoid those who criticize you. Do not involve yourself in rumours or gossip. Avoid judging others and remember that the only opinion of you that matters, is your own. 

I like to spend time with adults rather than people my own age. I am attracted to older boys. And, like many teenagers, I question authority and do not like people telling me what to do. 

 I speak my mind. I listen to my heart. I follow my passions. I try new things. I enjoy adventures. I’ve always enjoyed hanging around the ‘misfits’ standing with them when they are judged for being different. I am wild. I am authentically true to myself. I am outgoing yet reserved at times.

I encourage you to listen to your heart and follow the path where it leads. I dare you to be different and let love, peace and light fill you and your soul.