Colouring the Lives of Seniors Everywhere

Originally submitted for publication in June of 2019 by Amy Duncan

Kimberley came into this world with a passion for the arts, and the creative skills to pursue her quest to make a difference with people. As a young child drawing at her dad’s art table, to making handcrafted beaded jewellery, to running her own marketing company, Kimberley is constantly designing and creating.  

Young at Heart Painting is Kimberley’s second company, referring to it as “her baby” and “her future”.  After working in Long Term Care for over 8 years and spending time visiting her grandmother in a home, Kimberley felt something was missing for these seniors. She saw an opportunity to create a new type of program, one which is engaging, innovative and fun.

Young at Heart Painting gives seniors a place to socialize, develop self-expression, be at ease and especially have fun, while being guided through painting a picture, from start to finish. Participants leave the program feeling accomplished and proud. 

Here is feedback Kimberley has received from Young at Heart Painting participants:

It provides a place where I belong. I like being with people and the process of creating.  You get right involved and it takes your mind off your problems” ~ Pamela

“It was something new I have never done before. I was relaxed and it was enjoyable and took my worries away. I will definitely do it again. It was fun!” ~ Olga

In 2018, the first year, Kimberley taught over 110 classes, in various retirement homes and long-term care facilities across the GTA and neighboring communities, impacting the lives of 1300 seniors. This year, Kimberley’s goal is to bring Young at Heart Painting to even more seniors across Ontario.

Kimberley is a very driven, creative, passionate woman with the heart to make a difference and the commitment to a leave a positive impact in the lives of those you love.  

If you are interested in learning more about Young at Heart Painting, please connect with Kimberley:

By email at:

By telephone or text at 416-300-2887

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Update May 20, 2020

Kimberley Smith has demonstrated great resilience in the face of COVID-19. Unable to do her workshops in person as a result of the quarantine, Kimberley found a way to deliver her awesome workshops online, supporting not only seniors, but families, parents and children. She has been delivering her online workshops for months serving hundreds of people.