This time of year, people make resolutions or promises to themselves to create a better life or to improve a situation that is not to their satisfaction. It might be about losing weight, exercising more, paying off debts, opening a new business or writing that book that has been in the works for the longest time. 

How many times have I made resolutions and put myself into a positive and creative mindset. My spirits are lifted up high with energy and a new beginning is within reach.  Then I find by early Spring, that spark starts to fade things aren’t going the way I had planned. I’m filled with a sense of disappointment which  takes over my thoughts and I begin to think it’s not meant to be and I won’t be able to win the game. 

If this resonates with you, here are some tips I’ve used to quell the negative thoughts in my mind: 

  1. Realizing that events and circumstances distract you from your goals and that they all have a purpose and a lesson. Remain open and curious about the lessons and the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth that comes with them. Resign that resistance is futile and that there’s no point in worrying or stressing over how things do not look the way you thought they would and that you don’t need them to. When you step back, you can feel the divine energy flowing through the lessons and know that it isn’t yours.
  2. Once accepted, you realize that the personal and spiritual growth has brought you to the next level of attracting your true purpose. What you may have thought to be your purpose was maybe not in your best interest. Ask for guidance from your mentors and this is key to finding your purpose. Masters show up when the student is ready!
  3. Having someone to talk to is also important.  Finding someone who is not judgemental, who does not push words of wisdom upon you, and who listens while you “unload” or “dump” about how you are feeling, will be fundamental in helping you clear your mind and get back on track to following that purpose.
  4. Pursue your goals with grace and ease. Trust in the universe and that all that happens is meant to be at the time that it happens. Having expectations can lead to disappointment; however, keeping your focus on the end goal is a “must” to succeed, without creating a specific way things need to look like in order to achieve them.
  5. Never ever ever ever, give up! 


These have always brought me forward in my goals. I’ve experienced the opportunity for growth many times while at the same time being able to achieve my goals. At times, the achievement did not come until the last hour or minute!   

Our thoughts, emotions and state of being are the track we run on and the fuel we need to keep going. Have trust and faith in the Divine Intervention.