At just 15, Moriah was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a cancerous tumor in her knee. She went through a year of chemotherapy and a major surgery. Her left leg, above the knee, needed to be amputated to save her life.

She is now 23 and healthy! Her spontaneous and adventurous personality is sometimes lost when her prosthetic leg can’t do what a healthy human leg can.  Moriah wears a prosthetic leg everyday and with the help of a new leg it would make everyday better. The Genium Knee and Triton Smart Ankle will help Moriah so she is able to go from a full day at work, to sports or a night out. The most important part of this new leg is that she can do all this and be safe at the same time. The technology is also essential for keeping her body strong and healthy in the long term.It will keep her safe all while helping her to achieve her full potential and set new goals without hesitation or limits.

Friends and family want nothing more than to see someone as deserving as Moriah hit her goal and get both the new ESSENTIAL knee and ankle.

To help Moriah reach her goal of $75,000 go check out her GoFundMe.

For the original blog and to support her GoFundMe please click here: https://thenewlegproject.weebly.com/moriah.html