We often are told good things come to those who wait, which I believe is a phrase commonly used as a prefix to being patient, passive and oblivious to self-empowerment.  What about trying on good things come to those that make things happen?  I recently came to the conclusion that my irresponsible approach to getting what I want out of my life was not working and if it is to BE it is up to ME!

I finally surrendered to the fact that I am 100% responsible for everything that went right and wrong in my life.  That my lack of results in specific areas, is all due to the choices I made!  Extra, Extra read all about it…….hot off the press…. YES!!!! AUDREY is taking 100% responsibility and Lovin it!!!  LOL.  Ok, that is a bit exaggerated…yet what I do love, is now  I can clearly see that every choice I made has compounded into the results that show up in  my life today!  With this clarity  I can now create different choices to create different results and that is100% on MOI!!

This breakthrough in my thinking has provided such a sense of freedom and personal power.  I no longer put the blame on my circumstances or more importantly try to play the blame game with others.  Incredible things are opening up for me because I created a new space of possibility in my life that I have never been blessed to experience before.  There are people who may not agree with the fact that we all come into this world the same and what we end up with is the accumulation of the choices we made. Many believe you cannot control your outcomes. I stand before you as a witness to myself and others, humbly acknowledging that YES YOU CAN!!

I encourage you to look at the areas of your life that are not working and see where YOU have shown up as a block. Look at your relationships and how you have been resistant to growing with those people and accepting them for who they are and who they are not. Look at the areas of your life where resentment and judgement takes precedence over love and how much do you have to sacrifice for the sake of being right?   In your everyday communication with others, do you listen to understand or listen simply to reply?  The choices we make are at the root of every result.

Make today the day that you do not wait for life to happen and instead YOU create the life you want. Choose to forgive someone who you have been making wrong and see them as a human being.  Choose to take responsibility for things that were not completed and communicate with the people you broke your promise with.  Choose to not judge others for their choices and focus on taking action in your own life.  Simple small choices create radical results. When we choose from a space of integrity, respect, honor, happiness and most of all unconditional love, we expand our lives. If you want to see your life change, you need to lead it with positive, powerful choices and that my friends, will be your gateway to a life of workability, abundance and magic.

Written by Audrey Hlembizky