Written by Ron Gould and originally published June 5, 2018

Music was introduced to Alessia at a very young age beginning with piano lessons at 4 years old. Alessia’s grandfather was a very popular Italian singer whose band played across the province at various festivals and events, and her father had joined the band at the age of 13. Their band would invite her up to sing on stage and her love for performing took shape, and she was hooked. 

At the age of 8, Alessia saw Shania Twain in concert. Shania was carried on stage perched on a pillow and Alessia was in awe. Her love affair with country music began in that moment and she has been performing in that genre ever since. With her interest and love of all styles of music, she has created her own unique sound and her music appeals to a wide variety of audiences. 

She has a pretty smile, sun kissed features (reminding me I need to start saving for that Mediterranean cruise I’ve been planning for the past thirty years) with long dark wavy hair framing it all like a dreamy postcard from Rome or the south of France or some other mildly exotic destination where the locals drown their simple yet satisfying dishes in an ever-flowing river of olive oil. Alessia Cohle’s down home elegance, well honed skills and pleasant disposition makes her irresistible.

She seems fairly chilled out, and if first impressions are to be trusted, friendly, kind of sweet, and certainly not cloying. She comes across as confident, level headed and thoughtfully considered every question. We talked for a short time. And like I said, she was friendly… and forthcoming in all that I asked, enthusiastically sharing her thoughts on performing, song writing and being mindful and generous with what God has so graciously granted her, and in no small way working to maintain the dignity of others less fortunate than she. I would not be so bold as to say I know her after so brief a conversation, but I will say that I’d like to.

Classically trained as a vocalist, Alessia sings with the confidence of someone who has done a lot of performing in front of audiences both large and small.    

She handles a microphone with the natural ease of an old veteran; practiced and smooth while conveying the careless electricity a person of her tender years can’t help but exude. She can kick a fair amount of ass on a keyboard as well. She can belt out rock music or ballads yet country music is in her soul.

She donates her time and talent for several local charities including Girls Inc. of Halton, Milton District Hospital Foundation, and Toronto Sick Kids hospital. She has been an Ambassador for Tikko since 2015, an organization devoted to raising autism awareness. Tikko, Dorian’s favourite bear, travels the world spreading Autism Awareness. Alessia was so moved and inspired by Dorian’s story that she co-wrote a song called “Make a Change” to help raise awareness in the community and around the world. Having experienced bullying in school, she wrote “Weight of You”, an anti-bullying song which led to a partnership with the “Kids Now” program. 

When I asked what motivated her to set aside time dedicated to that kind of thing, she explained that she is grateful for all the success she has experienced and for the people who have helped her achieve it. 

Personally, I think she’s simply a kind person who cannot sit around and do nothing once she knows the story. Entertainers are uniquely equipped to bring attention to whatever it is they feel needs it, however they also tend to be preoccupied with maintaining whatever celebrity they possess, which is part and parcel of their success if they wish to hold on to it. Alessia’s decision to contribute her song writing and her voice is both appropriate and an indication of the type of person she is. She is someone who gives back and pays it forward by lending her time and talent to help others.

Alessia and her family are constantly on the go. They are all genuine and generous with their time and talents. She is performing at the CCMAs for the third year in a row, and has been recognized with numerous local arts awards. Her new album Wild Eyed Wanderer is fantastic allowing Alessia to join the next wave of artists who continue to push the future of country music.  

In short, Alessia Cohle is a fine example of what hard work, ambition, and a big heart can do for anyone willing to take a chance on a dream.  I wish her all the best of what life has to offer.

Please visit her website for more information on this gifted and talented young woman: alessiacohle.com